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This special Caregiver Club member, who prefers to remain anonymous, joined the program in December 2020 and has been an active member, finding connection with other caregivers by participating in support groups and social events.

This caregiver has been caring for her parents, both of whom have mobility issues, for nearly 5 years. Having recently retired, she has since embraced her new full-time role as a caregiver and continues to educate herself on how she can better support her parents. She always ensures that she creates a comfortable and supportive environment for all, both in her role as a caregiver and as a member of the Caregiver Club. She has been actively renovating her home to ensure it is wheelchair accessible for her parents. And she fosters a positive program environment by creating community among program members through her desire to assist others and by sharing helpful resources.

This dedicated caregiver continues to spread positivity, sharing that she finds personal satisfaction in a job well done and great reward in the care she provides to her parents.

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